The Byrd House Is About Community

The Byrd House Is About Community

The greatest things about the Byrd House, other than the obvious items, food, service and prices, are the people.

We have grown over the years with you. The Byrd House has become the local “watering hole” where we congregate for sporting events on TV, a meeting place for local organizations, a place to relax after a tough day at work, class reunions, wedding after parties and a lot more. It is our “man cave”, our home away from home and for some of us “the Bermuda triangle”, where the promise of “just one more than we all go” inevitably will fall on deaf ears and we end up having more than “just one more”

Since, we moved to our new location, we have also have seen “new friends” come into the restaurant. With our success, comes the need to keep everyone aware of daily specials, menu changes, new drinks, openings and closings, music events, local community events and of course the newest thing…brunches on Sunday come football season.

Social media is where it is at and with that we have built this website. As you know, we have always been on Facebook. However, now we are also on Twitter at @byrdhouseop.

We have also just created a web property on Pinterest. That being said, the Pinterest property is brand new and in its infancy but it is a great place for the Byrd House flock (your guys) to share items of interest. You can create new boards. Pin items of interest to share. We have also just opened up a new Instagram property as well. It is a great place to upload pictures of us having fun at the Byrd House. Instagram is awesome!

We hope to have all these web outlets grow from humble beginnings and into awesome tools to make the Byrd House unique and a cool place where friends communicate, share and hang out.