Craft Beer Leads In Buffalo NY

Craft Beer Leads In Buffalo NY

From local bars to sporting stadiums, craft beer has taken over taps across America. Craft beer sales have grown 15% in the past year alone. Export sales also reached a new record.

But what exactly is craft beer? The Brewers Association, the trade industry group for craft beer, defines craft beer as beer made in breweries where these breweries are “small, independent and traditional.” Craft brewers annually produce less than 6 million barrels, don’t have a large financial investments from non-craft brewers, and brew beers using traditional ingredients, like malt barley

Craft beer is popular and important. Some say it is so important that local Buffalo breweries are leading the resurgence in Buffalo’s revitalization. Much of Buffalo’s progress can be chalked up to beer-oriented development. A local beer and distilling revolution has helped remake the city and introduce a welcome influx of new craft breweries. In just the last couple of years, nearly 20 breweries and distilleries have opened here, including the Big Ditch Brewing Company downtown and Resurgence Brewing Company, which is helping breathe life into what had long been a rougher part of town.

One of the biggest success stories is visibly evident in the rapidly transformed neighborhood of Larkinville. Just a few years ago, the heart of the neighborhood — Larkin Square — was home to abandoned Larkin Soap Company warehouses and pothole-filled parking lots. Today, it’s been rehabbed into modern work spaces with a huge, parklike front yard with stages for music, food trucks and outdoor eateries. The Larkin District is one of the greatest examples of how beer-oriented development has visibly helped transform, in combination with other factors, a once forlorn neighborhood.

We like our local craft breweries at the Byrd House and use them in our selection. We use breweries like: Flying Bison, Resurgence, 12 Gates, Ellicotville, Hamburg Brewing Company, Community Beer Works and more. These beers are so good and pair well with a lot of food on our menu. For more information on pairing beer with food, look to What Food Pairs Well With What Beer

Any trip to the Byrd House will see pints of craft beer on the bar top and dinner tables. Whether it be a normal weekday / weekend with live music or because a major sporting event is on TV, you can see the popularity of our craft beer selection in the hands of our customers.

Beer with wings, Beer with pizza. Beer with the best hamburgers in town or beer with the best fish fry, it doesn’t matter. Our selection is full and delicious and chosen because they are just plain good.

Beer is about friendship and community. Its about buying your best bud a beer during the good times or him buying you a cold one when times are tough. “Let’s talk over a beer..”.

An example of this sense of community as it relates to the many breweries that we now have is a local Buffalo business called Tap Trails. We participate with Tap Trails. Tap Trails is a Buffalo business that aggregates the many local breweries in an area (typically where there are 5 or more) and defines these area as “Tap Trails”. Each tap trail has its own map which identifies the locations of participating breweries and when presented to the breweries, you can receive specials, discounts and much more. Check out their website at. Tap Trails.

Come on in and check out our great selection of the best local breweries and see how well they pair with our menu. And don’t forget Buffalo Bills football has started and soon the Sabres season will start. A nice cold pint of a local craft beer also pairs with watching sporting events on our flat screens with your friends.