September 4th, Sunday Brunches Begin

September 4th, Sunday Brunches Begin

Starting September 4th, Sunday brunches will begin at the Byrd House. So look for 8 to 10 items with all the good stuff represented like eggs benedict, breakfast burritos, build your own omelette, etc and of course the Mimosa “food group” and Bloody Mary’s will be represented as well. Brunch will run from 10:00am to 2:00pm with the normal menu kicking in at noon.

Now, after you spent a fun filled Saturday night partying and listening to the best local music acts in Western New York on our stage, you can return to the scene of the crime the next day and have a great brunch and stay to watch the Bills games. But is it breakfast? Is it lunch? No it’s both of those and so much more. And with it being a weekend, what better time to indulge in a fantastic brunch. Why do we love brunch so much?

1. You know it’s the weekend
Who’s enjoying brunch on a Monday? No-one, that’s who. Sunday is the classic brunch day, so as you’re stuffing your face you know you’ve got a free day to relax and digest it all. You can then sit back and relax while watching the Bills start a new era

2. Booze!
Would you like a cocktail?, then brunch is for you. It’s perfectly acceptable/mandatory to have a Bloody Mary or a mimosa to wash down your food.

3. You can never be late for brunch
Brunch takes place pretty much any time after you fall out of bed. There is no set time, so sleep in until 10, 11, 12 – brunch will wait. You got to til 2:00pm

4. It’s time-saving
With brunch you are combining two meals into one. This mean you can have a relaxing, lingering meal and still probably take less time than if you were having breakfast and lunch separately. Efficient.

5. It’s satisfying
Because you’re combining meals, no-one is going to raise an eyebrow when you gorge. You have a pass to feast on as much as you like. More eggs? Yes – I will have more eggs.

6. It’s unrivalled in variety
Which brings us onto the variety and choice present at brunches like eggs benedict, breakfast burritos, omelettes, etc and of course Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s– you don’t get that choice with breakfast.

7. Sweet meets savory
Brunch is pretty much the only meal that it’s completely acceptable to mix sweet and savory.Bacon and maple syrup? French toast and sausage? Of course.

8. Dress as you like
No matter how posh the venue, it’s perfectly acceptable to turn up in last night’s clothes.It’s almost expected.

9. Closure on the night before
You know what you did last night. Let’s be honest – everyone in the bar knows what you did last night. Brunch is the perfect meal to talk it all over…Or not .LOL

Watch out for more information here on the website, Facebook, Twitter or even The Orchard Park Bee in the coming days. See you at brunch!