What Makes A Good Bartender?

What Makes A Good Bartender?

What makes a good bartender? Why are some bartenders better than others? Well, that’s something that could be argued by many, but we think we bring in the best and the brightest and train them to be great customer service ambassadors as well as impressive mixologists. Here is what we look for:


1) An outgoing and great personality. Your at the bar having a good time. It’s important for a good bartender to exude a pleasant personality. Our bartenders are chosen for their outgoing personalities and high pension for customer service.

2) The ability to multitask- The bar can be a hectic place. Often, bartenders need to juggle more than just pouring drinks. They may find themselves pouring a Guinness, icing up a few cosmos, listening to a regular’s story about their trip to the Bahamas, all while trying to make the correct change for another customer. Handling more than one task is essential for the ultimate bartender. We look for that in every bartender.

3) Good Personal Hygiene and Appearance. This one is pretty obvious. We think it’s safe to say, we’d all rather order up our drinks from someone that has all of their teeth and clean fingernails.

4) The ability to work in a team atmosphere – Often, a bartender may work amongst a team of other bartenders. There’s a great chance they will have to work alongside wait staff, bar backs, busboys or kitchen staff. They need to be a team player. Getting along with others in the service industry is extremely important. Our bartenders are a tight knit group of friends who have each others back and your dining and drinking experience at the forefront of their minds.

5) Great memory – Great bartenders need to master & remember entire drink menus, and sometimes even food menus. It also helps to remember the names of your customers to develop repoire, and what their favorite beverages are. You come to the Byrd House to get a relaxing break to your day. It is our job to give that to you.

6) Grace under Fire – If we are lucky, the Byrd House will be full most of the time. When dealing with numbers of people that are thirsty or hungry, it’s important for our bartenders to show grace and stay the course. When the bar is rockin’, everyone is having a good time.

7) Good judgement – As a bartender, we care about our customers. It is our duty to make sure that you do not leave in a position that can harm yourself or others on the road.

8) Knowledge & Smarts – Bartenders need to be knowledgeable about the drinks they are serving. By being an expert on what they are selling, will allow them to offer sincere recommendations to you. What wines go good with what? How is a certain drink made? Where was that micro brew from? They are prepared to answer questions from you and offer advice when necessary.

9) High Endurance – They can rock a full shift and be on their feet for long periods of time and be great customer service ambassadors.

10) Honesty & Integrity – Enough said.

Stop in to the Byrd House and check out these awesome people behind the bar. When you get to know them and talk with them, you will soon become a Byrd House regular.