The (Re) Building of the Byrd House

The (Re) Building of the Byrd House

In the spring of 2012 the restaurant scene in Orchard Park took a bit of a left hand turn. If it was upscale Italian you were craving, you had a place to go. If it was seafood & steaks, you had a place to call your own. If WNY’s finest hand carved beef sandwich was your desire, you were in like Flynn. Even if you wanted to sip mojitos & champagne with Muffy & Buffy on a roof top patio, by golly, you were all set. But if you wanted to back your bike up to a large open air patio, watch a ball game and enjoy some of Buffalo’s best wings and burgers, you had to rumble on down the road to East Aurora or head west to Hamburg.

In May of 2012, Brendan Biggane took over the old Mac’s Village Brew House at 4250 N. Buffalo Rd and spent some considerable time putting some polish on the old joint. He built a menu based on a simple premise. Make sure it’s the best wing in town, and make sure it’s the best burger in town. He hired Culinary Institute of America trained Seth Wise. Seth set out building a tavern style menu with a made from scratch twist. They have succeeded in creating the best burger you’ve ever wrapped both hands around. Take the Tobacco Onion burger, Tobacco onions are thinly sliced, seasoned then fried. They add a refreshing crunch to the grilled to perfection burger, that is also served with Boursin cheese & BBQ sauce. If spice is your thing, try the Flaming Byrd. This big fella has sautéed onions, sliced banana peppers, pepperjack cheese and a garlic chipotle aioli.

Suffice to say that at “The Old Byrd House”, the food was the star of the show. Fast forward to fall of 2015. Because of some landlord issues, Biggane was staring down the barrel of possibly having to close his place because building ownership had changed hands and he was being squeezed like a tomato in a press. Enter partner Nick Lyons.

Nick loved what he saw about The Byrd House and wanted to be a part of it. The two decided to join forces and explore options for some new digs. As they say, timing is everything in life. The Well restaurant, located at 4190 N. Buffalo Rd had decided to close its doors. If you’re thinking 4190 & 4250 N. Buffalo are close, you are absolutely correct. It’s a matter of less than 100 yards away. Nick is an early 30’s millennial and serves as Felix to Biggane’s Oscar. He has an attention to detail that is uncanny.

They took the old Well and basically gutted it. The front of the building was removed and replaced with two large garage doors. This creates an open air feeling throughout the entire restaurant. Old yellow drywall was replaced by wood. Lots and lots of wood. Wood craftsman JR Dunnwright came in and handcrafted a back bar from scratch. You have to see it to appreciate it. They also removed a small wall that separated the dining and bar area and replaced it with a floor to ceiling wall. This wall has 12 panels that slide and pivot to create privacy for the dining room or can be opened wide during live music performances. They have also redone both bathrooms and created a small conference room that holds 25-30, perfect for business lunches or private parties.

If you’re riding in the South towns, be sure to stop and say hello to Brendan, Nick and their awesome staff at the Byrd House. Now located at 4190 N. Buffalo Rd., right next door to Runners Roost.

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