Saturday Night Live Music Is The Best!

Saturday Night Live Music Is The Best!

We’ve all been there — you’re in a bar, the mood is what you can best describe as “meh,” your friends are either too drunk, not drunk enough, or talking to other people that aren’t you (traitors) and you’re left sitting there like a total loser. It also doesn’t help that you’re nursing a poorly mixed drink that tastes a whole lot more like anguish than a vodka cranberry. Your head rests in your clammy palm and your sleeve is getting wet from the drink condensation and you look about as happy to be alive as Kristen Stewart in Twilight.

It’s a rough night — that is, until it happens. You realize the Byrd House has amazing bands every Saturday Night and they are just down the street at 4190 North Buffalo Road in Orchard Park. You and your friends quickly jump in the car and head over because you remember the fun starts every Saturday night at 9:00pm.

There are plenty of bands out there that want to perform, but finding the right band for the Byrd House is kind of our thing. If you have an established location like we do, making Saturday night fun is easy. We get the best bands with the best musicians. They play the music you want to hear.

So what makes Saturday night live music fun besides the music? It is our servers. We have the best around. They will make your drink and food selection experience second to none. When music is played and heard among friends along with dinner and cocktails, your evening will be incredible. Chicken wings, world class burgers, a great craft beer selection, wine selection, tasty appetizers and the best mixologists in Western New York are all components that will add to your night.

Music is fun, it enhances our mood. It bonds us with friends. If listening to music isn’t the most ancient of human activities, it’s got to be pretty close though. Melody and rhythm can trigger feelings from sadness to serenity to joy to awe; they can bring memories from childhood vividly back to life. The taste of a tiny cake may have inspired Marcel Proust to pen the seven-volume novel Remembrance of Things Past, but fire up the Rolling Stones’ “Satisfaction” and you’ll throw the entire baby-boom generation into a Woodstock-era reverie.

Stop down to the Byrd House every Saturday night at 9:00pm with your friends for a great time. Experience, music, food, cocktails and friendship. Let your worries go, tap your feet and sing along

Saturday Nights at the Byrd House are the best of live music nights.