The Byrd House: The Quintessential Neighborhood Bar

The Byrd House: The Quintessential Neighborhood Bar

As a foodie, I am always looking for new experiences. My tastes are all over the map when it comes to food style, cost, or even atmosphere. I like high end and I like the local dive. I like dance clubs and I like sports bars. However, the one core thing they all need to have in common is great food and great service. I am sure that you are just like me.

Buffalo, the city proper, has had an influx of new eateries in the last few years and is going strong but what is missing is the solid neighborhood bar and restaurant, especially in the southtowns. We all know that place, a place that is reminiscent of Cheers, a place where everyone knows your name. So, in walks the Byrd House of Orchard Park, New York. But who is the Byrd House? The Byrd House owners are Brendan Biggane and Nick Lyons.

In my opinion, Brendan Biggane and Nick Lyons have taken the Byrd House to the next level. A onetime modest house restaurant next to the Orchard Park Bowling Lanes in the village of Orchard Park, I was told that they moved to their trendy new home at 4190 North Buffalo Street and brought along some contemporary ideas like drink menus, a dessert menu, an enclosed in patio, doubling the number of flat screens, increasing the number of tables, and the eye catching double garage doors. They also brought along a great staff.

I personally like the vibe of the place. It is kind of a sports bar and family bar all rolled up into one. It has at least ten flat screens and this huge wood back piece to the bar that is very impactful when you walk in for the first time. You cannot miss it. It looks cool. It has the neighborhood bar atmosphere that I look for and with that, a healthy supply of regulars that make the place feel like family. When you combine that with some amazing pub food, it is a cool place.

They have a little meeting room in back for local organizations to hold events. The day that I was there, they had a group of local ladies using it for a bridge tournament. But I was told it can be used for parties and family events and such things.

When I was there for lunch, I had some amazing chicken wings with a pint of beer from Big Ditch. I think it was called a “Hay Burner.” The bartender recommended it. It was very good. And speaking of the bartender, she was super friendly as were all the servers it seemed. Even with a healthy lunch crowd, they still managed to make me feel like I was their only customer.

With the Sabres game on their monster flat screen above the bar and their 20 taps (I think), I head a good lunch experience. Too bad I discovered this place after the Bills season ended. I really would love to have seen the football crowd as there was a strong sports feel and clientele there to watch the game. I will have to come back for another Sabres game.

I am looking forward to trying their brunch with the family. We are partial to Sunday brunches and the Byrd House has one every Sunday morning from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Fingers crossed.

I am also looking to checking out the live music they have on Saturday nights. The bartender said they get some really good bands and I like to support local bands and businesses.

As I said earlier, I am a foodie and I really want to try more of their menu. The prices are reasonable and the variety of options is right on.

Anyway, I would recommend trying this place out. They have a Facebook page that you can visit here, which is up to date with their future events.

That being said, I think they have a chili cook off event coming up on 2/11. That type of local “thing” is something that I really like. Plus, I might enter my chili and see where I stand. They also have a website that you can visit here.

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