Awesome Music At The ByrdHouse

Awesome Music At The ByrdHouse

For a long time, people have enjoyed combining food with music. Musicians performed during dinner parties in Roman times, and minstrels entertained dining guests at medieval banquets. Today musical accompaniment during meals is much more common, and the music played more varied, than ever before. At the Byrd House we bring in the best local music. If you are tempted to believe that all music is the same, and what they play doesn’t really affect your experience – think again.

Our bands add to your dining and drinking experience. The musical acts that we book are exciting, personable and hyper engaged.It is so much fun to be with friends, drinking and eating the finest pub food all while enjoying a great band.

We bring a lot of the same bands in that you know and love to our stage. Hijacked, Jay McDonnell, Dawgs in the City, Black and Blues Band and many more. These amazing acts bring in great crowds, and definitely will turn a bad day into a good one.

Signature entrees, locally sourced ingredients, knowledgeable servers, comfortable seating, menu appearance. We put a lot of time and thought into the many elements that make up our restaurant. Consider that the music that our bands play can make your evening different, memorable and enjoyable for both you and your friends.The right music mix from Saturday to Saturday can tip the balance from forgettable to a great atmosphere. If food is your passion, music is our passion!

Restaurants are as much about “the experience” as they are about the food and drinks. The best restaurant music mix plays a tremendous part in creating “the experience”. Whether we go traditional (such as the Blues and R&B) or avant-garde (maybe Jazz or Soul), our bands can create the perfect experience for you. We put a lot of time and thought into the many elements that make up our restaurant. What’s playing in our restaurant says a lot about our brand, our guests, our employees, and the kind of experience we want you to have.

Every Saturday we have live music and every Wednesday is Open Mic Night. Both evenings are full of great times, great food and great music. The best local professional and amateur musicians regale our customers with the greatest music. The kitchen is open on both nights while all our taps are flowing.

So stop down with your friend and enjoy great music with great food. If you are a musician then feel free to hop on stage during open mic might. Exercise your inner rock star. If you have a band call us and we will see if we can book you.

Awesome music at the Byrd House is the norm. Great times are even more the norm.